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Pouch and Sachet Contract Packing

Contract Sachet Packing

Sachets give you an enormous amount of choice in terms of size, shape and dispensing method used, if your product is a powder, granule or liquid then using a sachet could provide the ideal packaging solution for you.  Likewise if you require a kit of fixings for a furniture flatpack or other assembly then again our sacheting service could be the right contract packing solution for you.

Sachets are formed from a roll of film, similar to vertical and horizontal bagging, which can be supplied plain or full colour printed as required. We can assit you in sourcing the right material to allow your product to be presented how you would like it to be seen by your customer.  We can help you decide on the material type weather it be as simple as a plain clear sachet with a batch or expiry date to a full colour printed laminate sachet.

Contract Pouch Packing

Pouches are suitable for a wide range of products, including liquids, granules or powder and have great shelf presence not only to display your product but your brand. In fact, anything that flows or falls can be dispensed into this versatile form of packaging, making them excellent replacements for bottles, jars and tubes.

They are supplied with various openings, from tear tops and straws to reusable screw, flip or sports caps, they allow you the flexibility to offer a versatile packaging solution with great on the shelf impact adding value to both your product and brand.

Pouches offer a high end finish and have a much lower overall volume when packed into forward shipping containers than more rigid alternatives. They are incredibly tactile and can be made to hang or stand up without the need of a shelf ready dispenser.

They are:

  • Cost effective
  • A perfect size to trial a product
  • Fast to produce
  • Easy to distribute
  • Available in long or short runs 


Colman Packaging can offer lower volume runs as we use single lane vertical machinery, these offer a simple to set up and produce very little waste, so if Sachetyour require less than 75000 units per week this could offer the perfect solution to meet your requirements.  Using single line liquid dosing pumps and weighing machine allow us to offer a service suitable for low volume requirements whilst making the cost more comparable with larger volume requirements.

With orders of 10,000 or less we will aim to complete within 7 days from receipt of materials, however we would never be able to fully guarantee this.

If you would like more information about the types of sachets and pouches available, or to discuss which would best suit your product, give the Colman Packaging team a call or drop us a line on (01934) 429008.