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Hand Packing your delicate or inticate product

If you have product that is too delicate or intricate to pack using machinery or the volume does not warrant the capital investment for machinery the chances are you will need to consider having your product assembled by hand into its final packaging presentation. 

Colman Packaging is happy to roll up its sleeves and tackle all manner of hand assembly projects, including these can include any of the following:

Counting – Collation – Bagging – Cartoning – Weighing – Promotional – Labelling - Tagging

Thanks to our team’s skills and years of experience, Colman Packaging can assemble or package any type of product, including greeting cards, gift sets and print work. If your customers appreciate the personal touch, we also have expertise in the production of high end packaging and one-offs, where the quantities involved are too low to justify tooling.

From the creation of promotional or exhibition samples, to large scale multi pallet orders, we only use reliable, conscientious hand assembly staff who are capable of producing the very best results, no matter how complicated the task.

We affix tags, promotional labelling and decoration to existing goods and put the finishing touches to orders started by machine, such as the inclusion of products and inserts into blister packs. In the unfortunate event that a consignment has a fault or omission from its packaging, we also offer full reworking/remedial, quality checking and labelling services.

  • Putting your product into Cartons can maximise promotional opportunities and have high visual impact on the shelfCarton
  • Using pre-made retail pouches are increasingly popular with customers and offer the benefit of
  • If you have a dry, free-flowing material or powder, it can be filled into cans, tubs or buckets
  • A Liquid or gel can be filled into a variety of containers, bottling is now part of the Colman Packaging offering
  • Shrink wrapping is an extremely efficient and secure method of packing finished goods ready for transportation
  • Colman Packaging’s expert hand packing team are highly skilled in assembling kits in varying styles and formats

We can pack a whole range of products for a variety of industries. For just a small taster of what we can handle and what we might pack for you, please contact us to discuss your product.


Colman Packaging recognises that every hand assembly order is unique. To discuss your specific requirements simply give us a call. Alternatively, drop us an email and we will be in touch to provide more information about our bespoke services.

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If you would would like to discuss how Colman Packaging can help with your hand packaging requirements please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (01934) 429008