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Clamshell, Clam Pack

A clamshell or clam pack is a one-piece container formed using vacuum forming or thermoforming, it consists of two halves joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close as enclose around your product, an insert card can be utilised to provide the consumer with instructions whilst providing recognition of your product and brand in a retail environment. Clamshells are often made of a shaped plastic material, in a way that is similar to a blister pack. The name of the clamshell is taken from the shell of a clam, which it resembles both in both form and function and offer the perfect solution to show of your product and allow your customers to mechandise your product in store.

A single clamshell can be used for example on a range of fixings using the same clamshell it is possible to merchandise a wide range of nuts, bolts, washers, screws through to raw plugs or a combination to give your customer a one stop solution while allowing easy uniformed merchandising in store.   A popular solution using the same insertcard with the addition of a product specific label containing product information/barcode etc for ease of processing at point of sale.

Clamshell containers can be made of a variety of plastics such as polystyrene, polyester, PVC, foam sheets, etc. The material can by made by thermoforming, vacuum forming or can be injection molded into the desired shape or form. Manufactured from a single piece of material which is used to form both the top and bottom of the clamshell with a "living hinge" that is integral with the material, rather than added separately as an additional operation.

Clamshells can also use a variety of closing, sealing methods. Some have self-locking tabs, snaps, or have a friction fit whilst others use adhesive, pressure-sensitive tape, labels, staples, or are heat sealed welded together to prevent instore tampering and offer security for higher value items.  When plastic clamshell containers are securely heat sealed, they are tamper resistant and deter package pilferage. These security packages are intentionally difficult to open, sometimes requiring customers to use scissors or a knife to open.


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